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EBARA Corporation
was established in 1912 as a manufacturer of pump. Since that time, the product line has grown to include fans blowers, compressors, turbines, refrigeration equipment, and a variety of other equipment. Although diverse, Ebara products share a single uniflying goal to help people live happily and healthy through the effective use of water and air and the safe management of the environment.

EBARA continues to pursue "Tomorrow's Solution Today" with is expertise in analyzing, simulating and handling the flow of fluids and in designing and manufacturing related equipment and systems. Having recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, Ebara is looking forward to more years of progress built on its formidable and growing base of strengths.
EBARA (Thailand) Limited

  • In order ot proceed with the globalization of Ebara activities, Ebara (Thailand) Limited was established in July, 1993, for sale and engineering of Ebara technologies and products.
  • EBARA has a long historyy in Thailand and it started in 1964 as a representative office.
  • EBARA has many supply and installation records for public and industrial works in Thailand.
  • EBARA (Thailand) Limited wishes to contribute of meaningful improvement of the existing


Water, air and environment are indispensable elements for life on earth, and one of the means of real improvement is the supply of constant provisioning of good quality water and air both for daily and industrial use.

      The activity of pumps manufacture carried on by EBARA is therefore in line with the above mentioned targets to safeguard a right environmental balance.

     EBARA is involved in what is meant as "mission" and works in order to anticipate the needs of the future aiming to a "compatible" technology. Therefore, while keep on having success as leader in the world in the field of the production of systems for water and fluids move (pumps and connected products) Ebara is introducing itself as one of the main and most careful worldwide producer of environment engineering and energy systems.


Is strongly based on the wish to create technology operating in accordance with the nature: our activity is not limited to the pure and simple machinery manufacturing and sophisticated engineering systems, being EBARA constantly engaged in the way not to affect, but contrarily to improve the relation of the man with the nature, exploiting to the utmost the resources in accordance with a compatible increase.


 To make progress aiming at the future, trying to harmonies technology and environment in order to assure humanity a richer future;

  • To acquire and maintain a leading position in the world in the field of hydraulic machines;
  • To keep on manufacturing already consolidated machines in order to meet the market requirements;
  • To maintain important investments in Research and Development of new products and to reduce the costs of the existing products, also under the aspect of the ecology and the energy saving.


Office :  3rd Floor ACME Building 125 Petchburi Road, Tungphayathai, Rajthevee, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Date of Establishment : July, 1993

Corporate Identity : Ebara contributes to society by providying expert  technology and engineering services through business activities related to water, air, and the environment.