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Matrix 3-3T/0.65M
With Controller

Special price : 8,000 Baht (Include VAT)

Matrix 3-4T/0.65M
With Controller

Special price : 8,200 Baht (Include VAT)

Matrix 5-3T/0.65M
With Controller

Special price : 8,400 Baht (Include VAT)

Matrix 5-4T/0.65M
With Controller

Special price : 8,800 Baht (Include VAT)

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2022/06/01 00:00:00

NORMAL PRESSURE BOOSTER UNIT Integrated Pressure Controller
●  Applications
         Water supply
         Domestic house etc..
         Factory utility use, Wash-down etc.
         Small office
● Specifications
         o Handling liquid :                          0 -40 °C
         o Installation  :                                Indoor
         o Operation system :                     Integrated controller control
         o Supply water pressure :             Refer to pump performance
         o Power supply :                            Single phase 220V 50Hz
         o Allowable suction pressure :     -0.3 to +0.3 bar G
● Features
         o Operated by integrated mechanical & electrical controller
         o Compact size
         o No fluctuated supply pressure at the same flow rate
         o Clean water supply with no rust material (Pump in stainless steel)
         o Quiet operation
         o Auto display of pump operation condition


DBU Matrix 3-3T/0.65M
DBU Matrix 5-3T/0.65M

DBU Matrix 3-4T/0.65M
DBU Matrix 5-4T/0.9M

Suction connection : G1″ for Matrix 3-3 and 3-4
                                      G1-1/4″ for Matrix 5-3 and 5-4

Pump Performance Chart

Performance table

Selection Chart

Note : Pump size selection is considered from maximum water usage condition (Open every water tap in the same time)